2018 Animal Rights Healing Retreat 


Animal advocates are constantly bombarded with disturbing images and stories involving injustices faced by the vulnerable animals around us.
As horrible it is for the animals to actually live these experiences, it can also be very distressing, traumatizing, and angering for animal lovers who deeply empathize with our fellow Earthlings.


This retreat is specially designed for animal advocates of all stages and backgrounds to better themselves in their advocacy.
Whether to help guide animal advocates through compassion fatigue & burnout, to learn about sustainable activism and to better manage feelings of anger & frustration, or to just de-stress and network with other advocates. 
Check below for details and be sure to check back or leave your email so that we may update you on future animal rights retreats!



The Metta Retreat Center in Janesville, MN is surrounded by 37 acres of woodlands and scenic hiking trails.
The Nathaniel Meditation Hall has dormitory style lodging with 18 rooms and can accommodate up to 40 guests.


About the Presenters

This winter, the Animal Rights Retreat has an amazing lineup of knowledgeable and experienced ​presenters to provide guidance, experience, and share wisdom with attendees. 
Triple Gem of the North founder, Bhante Sathi has been passing along his teachings to help others as an ordained monk for many years.  He has been leading retreats, teaching meditation and mindfulness practices, passing along the teachings and philosophy of Buddha (Dhamma), and is a board member of the global animal rights group, Dharma Voices for Animals.

Bhante Mihintala [Missaka] Kamalasiri is a guided meditation teacher, primarily focusing on Vipassana techniques sourced from the Buddhist Sutras. He believes this path will arm every sentient being against life’s different challenges.
Bhante Kamalasiri has had 7 of his books on Buddhism published as well as articles for newspapers & magazines and has spoken on the radio & on Television.
Dr. Dharshini Goonetilleke is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Counselor Educator. She specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of various mental health challenges through individual therapy, couples therapy, play therapy, crisis intervention, and psycho-education. Dr. Goonetilleke utilizes mindfulness based therapeutic practices in her work and provides mindfulness training to enrich and enhance life long benefits.

Guests may also look forward to 6 vegan meals, yoga, guided meditation, group counseling sessions, 2 nights of lodging, lake view, fireplace, beautiful Nature trails, and more.
The cost is $200/per guest for shared room, and $240 for a private room. 

There is a 40 person capacity limit so you encouraged to reserve your spot as soon as possible.
Click "Make Reservation" to send email. Please include the number of guests and their names. Payments will be collected from there.

Most animal advocates have nothing to gain from their activism besides the satisfaction of helping others in need.
Many are volunteers who spend their own money and use their own free time to help animals. Many advocates may not have the money to be able to afford to pay for their own reservation, but may need this retreat the most.


If you are willing and able to make a donation to help alleviate the cost to a deserving advocate or if you would like to pay-it-forward, please do so. Any help is greatly appreciated.
The cost of one reservation is $200, but any size donation is appreciated and will go a long way!



Questions, comments, massage requests can be made here.

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